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I wrote this as a description for a SciFi RPG intro for one of the planets I created.

You step out of the ship onto the giant stone slab surface. You are infinitely grateful for your EV suit for not only keeping the -35C temperature at bay but also providing the O2 this planet clearly lacks.  You look around and wonder at the extensiveness of such work to create the massive stone slabs and megalithic structures that surround you.  You feel a twinge of remorse for the burn mark your ship has left on the stones but at the same time, you get the feeling that no one has stepped foot on them for over a millennia.

You thought there might have been a glitch with the scans when they told you the entire planet surface was covered in stone…..you still have a hard time believing it even after seeing them before you now.  The sheer amount of work that went into making this is astounding.  We think of ourselves as advanced to be able to travel the stars and build great cities but this…..this dwarfs nearly everything you’ve ever read.  The scale of effort alone is staggering.  

You go to take a few steps when warning lights go off on your HUD of an incoming large object.  Taken aback, you suddenly feel and see a large boulder that thuds on the ground, shaking the immediately area in a slightly dangerous way, and then continues to bounce and roll by you.  That certainly would have done some nasty damage to the ship.

You see, on the far side of the large courtyard in which you landed, a number of glowing yellow balls seemingly floating in the darkened recesses of the walls.  From within the shadows, you see something emerge, human shaped and clearly carrying a staff of authority, upon which a small glowing ball of light hangs..  He does not have a pleasing demeanour to his stance as more of of the same shapes emerge, just slightly behind the first.

An idea just for you

I’ve used this blog to basically dump a lot of my thoughts and ideas. A place to share some things that I think I will most likely never get around to doing but concepts and things that I think are worth at least putting out into the open.

Now I’m thinking….what if I just asked YOU for YOUR ideas? What would you tell the world? What would you share with everyone? Why not build a repertoire of ideas to help others be more creative with their own ideas?

I’m not talking about writing out whole stories. I’m talking fair short and simple concepts that maybe no one has ever thought of before? Maybe you might inspire someone to do something they would not have others have done?

Looking for some feedback on this. Let me know your thoughts?

Harmony: It’s Time

Chapter 1

Enter the Keeper of Wisdom.

I am the Keeper of Wisdom.  It is my duty to relate events to you so that you understand history and learn from it.  This is the true definition of Wisdom.  Allow me to tell you the tale of our world so that you may keep it close to your heart and become more enlightened.  At times I will directly dictate to you, at other times it will seem like you are doing nothing more than reading a story.  This is natural and shows you are truly receptive to the Wisdom contained within.  I shall begin now.

It’s been 10 years since the introduction of Resonance technology.  Sigh.  “Resonance”.  What a terribly inept word to describe the ability to travel to anywhere in the known and unknown universe.  The scientists and politicians said that the general populace would never accept ‘harmonious’ as a descriptor because of religious overtones.  They failed to see that religion has nothing to do with it but the term has everything to do with being attuned and in ‘harmony’ with the universe.  This is why the 1 Year War started.  The state of being in harmony with the universe was removed and left with a cold, mechanical, scientific description of the process.  Which of course lead to ‘we have something THEY don’t’ and this technology (their term, not mine) was used against all enemies they could think of.  This was the beginning of our darkest hour, and our greatest enlightenment.

See, the knowledge of how to be in tune and in harmony with the universe does not simply flow in one direction.  So when the US used this technology to transport a bomb and strike at North Korea, the result was devastating.  Oh I don’t mean for North Korea, they certainly were the recipient of an attack that wiped out Pyongyang in the blink of an eye.  The crater still exists today as a reminder of the abuse of power that humanity had done.  See, this knowledge has connectivity built in.  When North Korea threatened the US with ‘miserable destruction’ in 2013, they were never talking about Nuclear war, despite what the mass media reported.  They weren’t even talking about a covert EMP attack, that many of the lesser voices spoke about.  They already knew about the Resonance Technology.  So when the US hit Pyongyang in what they felt would be a crippling show of power, North Korea struck back and wiped out Washington DC with the exact same knowledge.  Thus began the 1 Year War.

The world stood still for about one week after these attacks that occurred within 24 hours of each other.  9-11 was a minor itch compared to this 100% body covered 4th degree burn result.  The world has lost nearly 9 million people in the space of one day.  This knowledge is tied directly into consequences but this did not become a conscious thought till the end of the war.  People only talked about rage, revenge, loss, grief, surprise.  They talked about everything but peace.  “Eye for an Eye” became the motto of the 1 Year War.  It is absolutely stunning that they missed how relevant that truly was.

The US then struck back and on the day that they sent their military into North Korea, China also responded.  So did South Korea.  The Korean Peninsula had become another battle zone with North Korea being at the centre of the exchange.  This war levelled mountains and millions more died.  The destruction was beyond comprehension.  North Korea simply ceased to be a country.  The world, specifically the Korean Peninsula, was so damaged that South Korea is now an Island and was renamed to Korea.  Reunification finally happened but from the Korean Peninsula population of nearly 75,000,000 people, the Island of Korea only housed 15,000,000.  Yes, sixty million people died in one year.  The death rate chart looks like the shape of an obelisk.  There is next to no incline.  Both sides simply raged against each other in order to try to get one up on the other with the US casualty being on par with the Korean numbers.  It took the death of 120,000,000 people for the world to realize that there was a direct and literal connection the knowledge they used.

The Island of Korea is now the grand capital of the world.  A token apology for them being the centre of the 1 Year War.  The World Government is run from Shin-Seoul and peace has been reached across the globe. The population of Korea is recovering and is now up to 20 million but it will never reach 75 million for a very long time.

Fast forward 10 years and you would not recognize the world anymore, not because wars, those have been nearly eliminated, but because of harmony.  There are still some states that remain stubborn to joining the World Government but it is predicted that total consent will be achieved within 2 years.

Captain Alexshi looked at the virtual display before him.  The symbols and paths, along with the colours and sounds, all helped him form an image in his mind of his destination.  The Andromeda Solar System first came to mind, slowly that focused down to Demora, the 4th planet in the system.  From there his mind was drawn to the southern hemisphere and the single continent that dominated that part of the world.  As the land came into view, a mental surge was felt as he accelerated his vision to the landing site.  He could picture it clearly in his mind.  His virtual display glowed fiercely in response to mental cohesive harmony between his departure location of Ap-Daejeon on Earth and the landing site of Occ on Demora.

Ap-Daejeon is now a suburb of what was formerly Daejeon.  The capital, Shin-Seoul was moved to Daejeon after the terrible destruction that it suffered from the war and Daejeon was deemed perfect for being the centre of the new island of Korea.  The building of the new capital happened very quickly.  People wanted to really forget the past and move onto the next chapter of the world.  Despite the wanting to forget, it was always in their minds.  Now that Harmony has been achieved in our point in evolution, this included strong memories of the past.  Humankind would never again forget how and why they are today.

The air became electrified and a faint smell of ozone could be detected by Alexshi.  The hairs on his arms responded slightly by partially stiffening up as the world blurred away.  The port of Ap-Daejeon faded away and smoothly translated into the port of Occ.  Alexshi always loved the feeling right after a landing.  He was energized as if he had a super-infusion of minerals and vitamins while just finishing a good workout or eating a significant amount of perfectly cooked beef.  Yes, it was good to be Captain.  Despite there being a visual blurring of reality, his mind became crystal clear and the journey always reaffirmed his purpose that he has chosen.

Despite being 1.5 million light years from Earth, the scene before him was a common and comfortable as his own home.  The inhabitants of Andromeda were not so different as you might think.  This showed very much so in their building structures.  Granted, they integrated better into their environments with curved buildings and intermingled with the local forestry, one would almost think that the buildings themselves were grown so natural did they sit there.

Captain Alexshi looked down at his virtual display and all the symbols lined with with those on Occ.  A perfectly harmonious translation from earth.  As if it could be any other way.  Looking outside, with the noted exception of the area outside of the port, you would never know you had left.  Using Harmony was surprisingly easy and more natural than people realized.  The port was an exact replica of Ap-Daejeon.  This is what makes Harmony work, being an exact representation of another location.  By tuning into both of these spots, you can move from one to another by merely visualizing it.  This goes beyond merely seeing it in your mind.  You had to literally feel the place.  Despite the visual and physical similarities, the vibrations of a place are different.  This is a critical factor.  Physically the places had to be exact which leaves the Captain the job of harmonizing his own vibrations with that of where he is going and the translation is made.

This gets more complicated if you are taking more than just yourself somewhere.  The very best skilled Captains have the largest vessels and Captain Alexshi was an extremely competent Captain.  This allowed Alexshi to choose the routes he wished, worked only the hours he wished and be with his family as he wished.  The company he worked for valued his services beyond belief.  Despite having every luxury afforded to him, lately he was feeling tired.  This trip, while fairly routine, added to his drained feeling.  When he was about to leave his control room, Alexshi stumbled and grabbed onto a nearby console to steady himself.  Perhaps he just turned around too quickly and felt a bit dizzy.  A few seconds later his head was clear and he brushed off the incident and left the ship.

“I thought you were never coming out!  You really do love this stuff don’t ya?” said one of his flight attendants.

“Huh?” Alexshi said a bit confused.

“You landed and I’ve been waiting for to you come out of the control room.  Did you have something extra to check?”

“Hmm, must have day-dreamed a bit extra or something.  Nope, nothing really amiss.  A bit tired but that’s normal.  I got a few days before the trip back home.  Will get some rest.” Alexshi stated and then proceeded to do just that. 

Chapter 2

“Sir!  We got a blip! ” shouted a serviceman to his superior with some urgency in his voice.

A man in his mid-50s,  hair nearly all grey now,  looked sharply at the subordinate who spoke. This was never a phrase he liked hearing,  despite hearing it only once before. That was 5 years ago and many good people died. He walked briskly over to the subordinates station.

“Show me the playback. ” he said gravely.

The young subordinate replayed his station’s monitoring equipment and superior narrowed his eyes with cold hard stare. His mind focused with a skill born of training, pain and suffering.  This time will be different, he thought with fierce determination.  This time,  no one will die.


There was this incessant ringing that woke up Alexshi. Why can’t I just sleep? He got up, put on a robe and went to his door to answer.

“Alex!  Dude,  where you been?  Thought we were gonna try to bag one of those Demorrean catfish yesterday? ” said Bob,  one of Alexshi’s friends who pushed his way in,  passed the drowsy Alexshi’s.  Bob migrated to Demora a few years ago,  being the adventurous type.

” What are you talking about?  I only got here a few hours ago, I’m tired and need some rest. ”

Bob looked at his friend with a bit of hurt in his eyes. ” Hey,  if you didn’t want to go,  just say so. I know your ship got in two days ago.”  Bob noticed his friends sluggish demeanour.  “You feeling OK? You look pretty tired for 3pm.”

Alexshi stood there, slowly trying to bring his logic awake and figure out if Bob was just pulling his leg or if he was still dreaming. He rubbed his eyes and started to walk to the kitchen.

“You want some coffee?” Alexshi said as he ambled his way to the kitchen and yawned loudly.

After some morning banter,  Alexshi started to become aware of a sense of fear in him. It really had been two days. Did he really sleep for 48hrs straight?  This can’t be good. He has a flight back tomorrow. I think I just need a good vacation. I’ll fly back tomorrow and take a leave of absence fire a few months.

After some more catching up with Bob,  they went out for some food and Bob that he’d be on that flight back to visit home. They can catch some real earth catfish and not the monster ones that took two to reel in on this planet.  Alexshi said that would be good and they said goodbye.


The next day Alexshi woke up feeling quite refreshed. Maybe it was just a fluke but he’ll still take the time of anyways.  He finished his morning routine, packed and headed off to the port. He gets the passengers as they boarded and have Bob a wink when he got on.

“Don’t worry Bob,  I’ll try not to drop you off on the moon. ” which elicited a punch in the arm from Bob.

Captain Alexshi was in the cockpit once again.  Already he felt a bit excited to travel.  This was like second nature to him.  he could almost so this without thinking but was always mindful of his training and the dire warnings every captain received about letting their minds wander. There was no room for error or idle thought. There were some incidences where a transport never appeared at its destination. One could only assume the worst and the techniques they taught for focusing were their best skill to keep things running smoothly.

Captain Alexshi breathed and focused on the task at hand. His mind detached from his body and he brought Ap-Deajeon into his vision. His mind expanded and he felt his ship as a natural extension of his body.  Then he shifted to attenuate to the vibrations of earth.  They really did feel quite different.  Like that feeling of coming home after being away for an extended period of time. It just feels good to be home. As the port of Occ faded,  Ap-Deajeon was in focus but there seems to be an odd distance to it. Captain Alexshi was a little surprised at this added dimension to the travel.  He was not concerned for his training allowed his mind to be both rigid and agile when such oddities were warned about. With the will born of years of training and a natural skill, Captain Alexshi reached out with his mind and pulled the seeming distant port toward them.  Ap-Deajeon snapped into its proper place in a flash. Captain Alexshi reeled at the suddenness of it. He had never translated that suddenly before and it was like landing by the old airplanes that was a bit hard but this was a mental jarring.  He knew his passengers would feel some of that we’ll but another thing about being the captain was that you also took the brunt of anything which affected travel.  Captain Alexshi knew that the headache he now felt would only be a slight confusion feeling in his passengers.

Captain Alexshi told the head stewardess that he would not be seeing the passengers off so he could check some things.  What concerned him was that they were a full one second late. Despite the growing migraine,  he couldn’t see anything wrong with the equipment. He’ll let the techs go over it so he could go home and rest.


There was this incessant ringing that woke up Alexshi. Why can’t I just sleep? He got up, put on a robe and went to his door to answer.

“Alex!  Dude,  where you been?  Thought we were gonna try to bag some catfish? ” said Bob. Alexshi nearly collapsed with a sudden intense feeling of deja vu. Bob caught him and lead him to the couch.

” Alex! What is going on? Have you seen a doctor yet? ”

Alexshi shook his head no which only reminded him that the migraine had not gone away yet and he groaned.

“Look man, this is creeping me out. You remind me of those stories of commercial pilots who took to drinking because of the flying pressure. If you need help,  just tell me! ” Bob said with serious concern in his voice.

“I don’t drink Bob.  I don’t know what’s going on.  I came straight home after the flight yesterday and went to bed.”

“Yesterday? Dude, you’ve been back a week! You still ain’t awake yet huh?  Let me make some coffee for you. ”

“Bob, what are you talking about,  it was only yesterday. No games this morning huh?”

“Yesterday huh?  So you telling me you grew that pathetic excuse of a beard in less than 24hrs?”

Alexshi reached up to feel his face. He indeed had the beginnings of a beard and that sense of fear returned. What the hell is happening?!


“Sir! We got a spike!”

The senior officer immediately picked up his comm and made a call.

“Ready the team.  We move out in an hour. ”


“Bob,  I’m scared.”

“Of what? A beard?”

“No you ass,  the fact that a whole week went by and I don’t recall any of it.”

“Ha,  dude are you time travelling and not telling me? Ha,  ha, ha. ”

Alexshi looked at him with fear. “Don’t even joke about that! That is a death sentence for anyone who tries!”

Bob looked at him. “Seriously?”

Alexshi stared off at no particular point.

“Wait,  don’t be silly.  You got week-old stubble.  So obviously you didn’t just jump ahead 7 days. ”

Alexshi had read about these events. Every captain had been informed of the things but the general public was never made aware of the incident that happened 5 years ago.  A big deal and many people died in trying to subdue the captain who was rumoured to have accomplished this ability.  It was the direst warning that they all received should anyone ever feel that it might happen.

“Dammit. They’ll be coming for me. ” Alexshi whispered.

Bob caught it. ” Who? ”

“Some government agency I guess. I need to get out of here.”

“Dude,  just do your thing and jump away.”

Alexshi looked at him. He really didn’t like that term jump,  it was so inaccurate but he let it slide.

“Can’t,  they can track any resonance translation,  it’s quite a distinctive reading on the sensors. ” Alexshi started to sweat now.  This bad, very bad and he seemed helpless. Now the shakes started to settle in.

There was a simultaneous crash at both the front and back door.  Dozens of men dressed in black armour rushed in with guns pointing.  From one of them,  a voice boomed over a built-in speaker.


Bob only hesitated a second before doing exactly as he was told. Alexshi froze in utter horror. He couldn’t believe this was happening and his shaking got worse.

“DOWN NOW CAPTAIN OR I WILL KILL YOU ” boomed the voice again.

Alexshi simply could not grasp this. He was in utter shock and yet a strangely near-familiar feeling crept over him.  The hairs on his arms started to stand on end and he regarded his arms in a sort of horrific fascination.  He heard a dull thud sound and felt his body vibrate to it.  He looked up and saw the he was being shot at but the bullet was moving very slow.  His mind snapped.  There was a bright light and his place disappeared from sight.

Chapter 3

“Why did you heal him? ” spoke a slight stern and condescending voice.

” Because it is time.  They have mastered space, time is the next logical step. “replied a soothing feminine voice.

” Do you really think they are ready? Look what they did when they learn about spatial displacement! You don’t think they won’t do the same again?! ” said the first choice a bit more strongly.

” and yet look how they learned from that. ” the feminine voice show again.

” Yes,  they wiped out a  significant number of their own race because of it. Nyxia,  this is not wise ”

“… again,  it was less than others who have been walking similar paths.”  Nyxia replied.

“They are irreverent to the subtleties of the workings of the universe. ”

” For an elder, Forus,  you seem to have little for any new race.  Where is your wisdom? Where is your memory? Do you forget our own part? ”

Forus bristled at such impudence.  He turned and stormed out of the room.

Alexshi was listening vaguely and finally mustered up the strength to stir.

“Easy Alexshi. You’ve been through quite an ordeal. You need rest.”

“How did I get to Occ? ” Alexshi inquired weakly.

” Well,  that is interesting.  You know where you are? ” Nyxia said with a little surprise.

Alexshi opened his eyes slowly. ” I would know the feel of this place any time. ”

” Fair enough. Ok,  you came here on your own. You were lucky we found you or else you’d most likely be in custody with your government right now. ”

Alexshi’s opened wide at that.

” Don’t worry,  they can’t find you here.  We managed to cover your translation reasonably well. ”

Alexshi looked at her suddenly.

” Oh yes,  we are quite adept at that thing which you call “resonance”.  Where do you think you got the idea from in the first place? ”

Alexshi took this in with obvious surprise.  All those stories of Aliens visiting earth, rumors of technology being derived from things like crashed spacecraft and alien-intervention now all seems to have some serious basis in truth. This now calls into question all kinds of things.  As these thoughts all rushed in Alexshi had to forcibly stop and try to concentrate on the now.  Can’t waste time on all the conspiracy rumours when at least a few are true and confirmed right in front of him.  Back to the now.

“What happened to my friend Bob?”

“Bob?  I do not know any Bob.”

“He was with me when I translated here.”

“Hmm, I’ve never heard anyone named Bob. Besides, you are the first human to visit our world.”

“What? I’ve been coming here for years.  3 to be exact. Occ is well known to me. That is how I knew where I was.” Alexshi said.

“Oh dear, I’m afraid I still have to explain some things to you.  The reason your Government will never find you is because they are looking in the wrong when.”

“Wrong when? Don’t you mean where?”

“Well, technically that too but the where is easy for them, it’s the when that will trip them up and ultimately stump them.” Nyxia said somewhat as if thinking outloud.

Alexshi was getting a little tired of this. He sat up and nearly blacked out again.  Nyxia steadied him.

“Captain.  Not only did you translate to Demorra, you translated in time as well.  It is 5 years before your 1 Year War ever starts.  You are at a safe location in time that we established generations ago in our culture.  We can help you gain control over this development of your abilities but there are going to be terrible consequences for your whole race I’m afraid.” Nyxia said gravely.

“What do you mean?  What’s going to happen?” Alexshi said somewhat alarmed by this.

“You already know that your government has banned time travel.  There is good reason for this because of obvious misuse.  Sadly this cannot be helped.  Your race has, for some reasons, developed these abilities faster than their common wisdom.  This means there will be more repression, travel restrictions, people held in camps designed to suppress such abilities.  Your world’s history does nothing but repeat itself for every major change and revolution.  The pattern is obvious.  I’m afraid that while you are not the first person to time travel, you will be the first one that gets to keep the ability but at a cost of your whole race going through a transition and not a passive one at that.”

Alexshi was stunned at this news and also frightened.  Suddenly he is supposed to be some sort of hero or revolutionary?  People are going to suffer because of him?

As if reading his mind, Nyxia spoke. “None of this is your fault.  This is something that has been coming for a long time and it seems that your race is apparently ready for it otherwise it would not have come to this.  Humans have come a long way and your current peace is a testament to that but that was just one step in a long line of how a species evolves.”

“So what now?” Alexshi said, somewhat fearfully with a twinge of acceptance.

“Now, you learn.” Nyxia said with a smile.


Bob was at home, watching the local online media and enjoying a beer.  Well, as much as he could.  The last few weeks had been hell.  He had no idea what happened and those bastards who took him never gave him any explanation.  They questioned him endlessly on his friend and repeatedly asked the same stupid questions.  Bob look up into the darkened room without really looking at anything in particular.  The media player mumbled on with some sort of entertainment but Bob wasn’t really hearing it.  His mind wandered in the darkness for some meaning to the recent events that will probably never make any sense to him.

“Hi Bob.”

Bob jumped out of his chair and nearly had a heart attack.  A lamp was knocked over and shattered on the floor.  There stood his friend in the background, barely lit by the glow of the media player screen.

“Alex!  What the hell man?!”

“Sorry old friend.  I couldn’t just ring your doorbell.”

“No, I mean, What the hell are you doing here?  Those bastards had a go at me for weeks.  I don’t want to go through that again, even if you are my best friend.  You can’t stay here and where the hell have you been?”

Alexshi felt bad for what his friend had gone through and he certainly didn’t want that to happen again.

“Don’t worry.  They won’t know I’ve been here.  I made sure of that.”

“Yeah well you might want to ask the two that have been parked outside of my place for the last week or so.  They are looking for you dude.”

“Bob just listen.  Things are about to change.  It’s not going to be pretty here, or anywhere else.  I want you to go to Demorra and go fishing.  Stay there for as long as you can.”

“What?  I can’t.  I got work.  I used up my vacation already.  What are you talking about?”

“Bob, there is going to be an ugly revolution here.  Martial Law will be implemented within a matter of months.  You can’t stay here.  Trust me on this!”

“Dude, you are talking nonsense.  What happened to you?”

Alexshi sighed.  He didn’t’ think it would be easy, he just hoped it would have been.  He walked over to his friend and put his hand on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry pal.  This is not going to be easy for you but I need you to be safe.”

With those words, the whole room brightened up, Bob closed his eyes at the searing pain that suddenly appeared in both his eyes and his brain and he blacked out.  When Bob awoke he was in a bed in the cabin that he owned on Demorra.

“Ungh.  I need some serious pain killers.” Bob said.

Alexshi brought him some with a glass of water.

“Look Bob, I’m sorry.  This is the safest place for you.  The earth government won’t be able to extract you from here without causing a major interstellar diplomatic faux-pas but be careful.  They might still try anyways.”

“How the hell did we get here?  Did you knock me out and grab a transport?  How many strings did you have to pull for that huh?”

“None.  I brought you here on my own.  I’m afraid without proper preparation I couldn’t prevent your discomfort but those watchers outside of your place were going to burst in at any moment.  Listen carefully.  I will have to leave you here.  I don’t know if you’ll ever be able to go home again.  They will not be kind to you after this at all.”

“Oh, you mean when they beat me up before they were going easy on me?” Bob said sarcastically.

“I’m serious Bob.  It seems that I’m about to start a revolution on earth and I can’t have them using you against me.  Here, take this and keep it with you at all times!” Alexshi handed him a small metallic orb.  “It will let me know if anyone tries to translate into your area.  I suspect that there will be attempts but I hope to prevent that.”

Bob took the little marble-thing and stared at it.

“Man, this is right out of a fucking movie.  You know that?”

“Yeah Bob I do.  Look, just enjoy your time here and I’ll check in on you occasionally.  Heh…that’s funny.”

“What is?”

“When you were joking about time travel, it wasn’t really a joke.  That’s what I can do now.  Soon it will be as common as any other form of transportation but not before it gets ugly.  I don’t know how long it will take, I can only hope it won’t be very long.”

Bob pocketed the metal orb and shook his friend’s hand.

“Dude, I’ve no idea what that really means but take care of yourself.”

“I will.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a couple of door-crashing agents to see.”

“Wait, I must have been out for a few hours.  Won’t they have gone by now?” Bob asked.

“Oh no, they’ve only just arrived.” Alexshi said with a wink.  The room filled with a bright light and with a bang, Alexshi vanished.


The two agents heard the lamp crash in their target’s place.  They made a mad dash out of the car and bust the front door in.  The place was dark save for the media player’s glow on the wall.  There was a strong smell of ozone in the air.  They cautiously searched the room but found nothing but a slight burn mark on the floor.  As they started to move into other places of the house they felt the air tingle and the scent of ozone returned stronger.  There was a bright flash, a bang and Alexshi stood in the middle of the room.  The agents, stunned but suddenly overcome by their training quickly pointed their weapons at Alexshi.

Alexshi look at them and smiled.  “Take me to your leader.”

AI Emotions

What are emotions at their very basic level?

Emotions are basically thoughts which trigger certain effects in our bodies.

Since we can’t monitor our every thought, emotions are a kind of indication of the general directions our thoughts are going.

So, if we have many thoughts that have been designed to trigger certain chemicals to produce certain reactions, then we say we are sad/angry/happy and so on and there is a bodily reaction based on what chemical is triggered (i.e. adrenalin et al).

To do the same in machines, all you have to do is tag each process running and group those tags in a visual representation. Thus you can tell if the machine is happy, ponderous, sad and so on by the tags on the processes running. Based on these tags, you could have the machine perform other actions, just like our bodies reacting to chemicals it produces.

Now, all I need to do is figure out how to classify running processes and add a graph of some sort :)

My Virtual Girlfriend

How many of you ever considered how connections/relations are made, changed and broken in our modern world and the age of the Internet.  I hope to express some of those ideas with this poem.  Having read many stories about such things, I felt it was time for such a writing.

My Virtual Girlfriend

We met by chance
Or perhaps it was fate?
There was no such thing as a date.

Innocent were the words that started
Any guy would give a happy twirl
To talk to a pretty girl.

From nothing it started
Words of fun and play were wrote
Even in this digital world you can emote.

A sudden impulse was felt
Then the bandwidth grew
A picture was sent of you.

Stunned by the image
Something new took place
A mind was blown as the heart did race.

Thoughts were exchanged
An increase in tension was felt
The barriers of awkwardness began to melt.

A new stage has begun
Daring statements were made
Equally bold replies spoken never to fade.

A leap in trust was achieved
Now imagery was unbound
New energy was found.

A change in the digital vibe
Suddenly the future was in mind
Plans were made in the more traditional kind.

New ground has been met
The virtual world was forming real
From casual words to energetic zeal.

A dark cloud soon arose
The surety of faith and soul
Was let down by fear of a dark hole.

Electrons froze
The etheric networks became still
What once was passion was now a nil.

Separation of bodies
Meaningless online
But not the virtual divide.

What once started slowly
Counted in bits and bytes
Ended in a crash of electrolytes.

There are no sensations now
In this virtual world
That is how I feel about that virtual girl.

What to make of this all?
The story is not yet done
The tale not yet spun.

Stuck in the endless loop
Life has ways of such things
Repeat is inevitable for us in the Samsara Rings.