All the pain I’ve felt
All the hurt you didn’t mean to cause
None of it adds up
To the beauty of your face
The warmth of your smile
or the love of your friendship

Sidney Alexander




You are a star
Shining brightly, alone in the sky
People see your brilliance as a thing to capture
They reach out and grab your rays of beauty
They try to control you
But there is something that burns deep within
Something that says “I am free!”
Then another sees your light
To him it means Love
He reaches out to touch
Your many beams of radiance
They move to fast for him to hold
He can only brush them with the lightest of touches
But even that is enough to make the beam hesitate to leave is caring touch
He accepts this and does what he can to soothe
The star’s raging fire
Beams brush his loving hands and make calm the savage pain within the burning star
Then, a lone beam reaches out to him
He takes it and pours all that he has into it
His friendship, his carringness and most of all, his Love
Even though this is but one beam among many, he is thankful for this one ray of hope.
He knows that this start is fragile and free
But he longs for the say she sais “I am yours.”

Sidney Alexander

Tell Me

Tell Me

Tell me it will be ok
Tell me that the pain will go away
Tell me things will work out right
Tell me I will have that beautiful sight
Tell me I was meant for thee
Oh God please say that you Love Me.

Sidney Alexander
circa early 90s



If you could but know
My anger and frustration I feel
Not seeing you

If you could but feel
My love and devotion I feel
Just for you

If you could but touch
My heart and trembling I feel
Without you

My Love, I need you

Sidney Alexander

You are my #Angel

You are my Angel

You are my Angel
Guiding me with insight
Knowledge beyond our world
You give me your wings for flight

I never understood the connection
Yet heard the term many time before
Love on a level without bounds
Like a tale from days of yore

A Muse, like no other
Inspiration that cannot be spoken
A spirit lifted up high
A strength that cannot be broken

A touch, a look is all I need
Sent spiraling around in a rush of joy
The link is without definition
To this humble little boy

S.A. ’09

Tom’s After Hours #Porno Diner

This could be the start of a really cheesy porno series.


Tom’s After Hours Porno Diner

Takes place in a little quaint diner at night.  The menu has sexually suggestive food items.  Customers come in, order their food from a burly waiter.  If they order the *special*, Chef Tom himself walk out for a guest appearance, wearing nothing but a half-chef’s apron, and shouts out “Who ordered the special?!”  At which point the customer would be escorted to kitchen and ‘customer care satisfaction’ is served during the cooking process.

Menu sample:

Toasted Cheese and Fried Bacon in the Nude:

Two delicately toasted slices of man-made whole-wheat bread in an easy-toast oven.  Lavishly covered in ‘organic butter’, a slice of ‘whole milk’ cheddar cheese and topped with two pieces of Truly Great Canadian Peameal Bacon Fried in the Nude by Chef Tom. 95 calories.  Organic Mayo extra (add 5 calories for protein).

$3.95 + tax


Same as above but with added ‘customer care satisfaction’ during the cooking process.

$103.95 +tax

Our motto:  “If it’s not good, the next one is a freebie!”