Computer class

Here are the outline of the courses I wrote up.  Ideally I’d like to see each person with their own hardware they bought and we assemble a system from scratch but that will be for something down the line.


Proposed Course Agenda

1/ The Basics of Hardware
– learn and identify specific components of computer hardware
– build and assemble a computer
       – includes understanding specific software for each components
– use a ‘live CD’ operating system
– touch on system maintenance and efficiency

2/ The Basic of Operating Systems
– install an operating system (Linux/Windows)
– configure and update
– what Linux can do that Windows cannot
– Windows mandatory protection software and maintenance requirements

3/ The Basics of Networking
– learn terms used in networking
– understanding how machines talk to each other
– setup a network
– use network to create a ‘group’ or ‘resource shared environment’
– setup a network game

4/ Networking level 2
– understanding routers
– configure port routing (for specific applications, i.e. skype,
remote access…)
– installing a custom router operating system
– setting up a firewall

5/ The Internet
– understanding HTML
– blogs/CMS
– effective searching/find anything online
– what online ‘file sharing’ is and what bit torrent means
       – includes completely legal file sharing

6/ The Digital World
– technology around us
– Laptops/Netbooks/Smart Phones/PDAs
– integrating effectively with technology
– where to find help

7/ Hardware – Modding!
– how to modify your computer case to have the coolest looking one on the block!
– light ’em up!  How to install lights and modify LEDs to suit your look
– water cooling!  Install a completely fanless setup and never hear
your computer again while       it stays cool

8/ Security (*See Notes)
– what you absolutely need to stay protected
– Windows requirements
– Linux requirements
– how to choose a good password
– how to never forget another password ever again
– why you need a firewall and why the Windows Firewall may not be enough

9/ Effective technology for small businesses (*See Notes)
– properly managing what you have
– what you really need to run a business
– what is open source (free) and how you can use it to save money

10/ Online marketing (*See Notes)
– why you need to be online
– what are the costs and where to start
– how to have your website pay for itself
– how to get top rankings in search engines
– how to present yourself as an authority in your field of business
– online joint ventures


Classes will be held-bi-weekly and each class will be 2hrs in length.
Titles with (*See Notes) are geared towards adults who either own a
business or want to help their company get online.

Courses 1-7:  2 hrs per class, two classes per month, cost is $40 per
attendee.  Discounts apply for multiple registrants within the same

Course 8-10:  2 hrs per class, two classes per month, cost is $50 per
attendee.  Discounts apply for multiple registrants within same



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