Sometimes I think things….

Random thoughts on gravity

From “Thunderbolts of the Gods”(

– If things like the sun are simply confluences of forces acting on each other, then gravity seems like it would be a natural product/effect from things being pushed together.
– Like a breeze as something goes by you fast.
– Or the vacuum left when something is suddenly moved away

So, if gravity is the after effect of a force moving past you, then anti-gravity would be the creation of an opposing force, or at least a force moving in the opposite direction faster/stronger than the one you are currently experiencing.

This would mean that creating such a force in any direction would be the way to control “gravity”.

Since f=ma, m=f/a, a=f/m.  If there is no force, there is no mass or acceleration.  If the “empty space” is just energy (potential?) Without anything acting upon it, all that is needed it one of the three parts to the equation, then results will happen.

Frequency is mentioned a lot in electrical experiments.  Vibrations are mentioned in both science and spiritualism.  I think a rightly applied frequency to an electrical current will evoke a response from this “empty space”.  Maybe this is what is really “dark matter”?


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