Writing and tools

This year I plan on doing more serious writing.  I am working on two short stories this one and this one.  I will get those expanded into short stories and get them posted up.  I have been invited to be a guest author on another blog so I think I’ll try my hand at writing short stories there as there is currently no topic limit for us.

To this end, I will try to use some tools to help me organize my stories better.  Typically I’ll just start writing and see where it goes.  This can make for some interesting stories but not really great stories.  The first thing I will use is a Timeline program.  There aren’t a lot of free ones out there but the one linked in the previous sentence is nice, simple and free.  Sure, any spreadsheet could be used but I like to have the basics all setup and I just have to plug in the details.  Hell, that’s what technology is for….taking care of basic needs to free us up for more enlightened pursuits :)

I also use Evernote quite a bit. Stupidly useful and what is awesome is that it just works across all platforms.  I can just as easily use it on my Galaxy Tab 8.9 as I can on any web browser.  If you have windows(and most do) you can install the Evernote program and use it without having to go into a browser.  Although, I tend to find the browser just fine I just haven’t gotten into the habit of using the program on my netbook.  Might be a good thing as I’ll probably be installing Linux on it soon any ways.  What is great is that on my netbook, I can just ‘share’ anything I find directly to Evernote.  With an add-on extension, you can do the same in a web browser as well.

Given that “Short stories range anywhere from 1,500 to 30,000 words; Novellas run from 30,000 to 50,000; Novels range from 55,000 to 300,000 words.”, my Harmony story already has about 1500 words, so I’ll see how I can work that but I suspect I still won’t hit past 30K of words.

So, wish me luck!


Here is a bit of a teaser for a short story I am working on.


Enter the Keeper of Wisdom.

I am the Keeper of Wisdom.  It is my duty to relate events to you so that you understand history and learn from it.  This is the true definition of Wisdom.  Allow me to tell you the tale of our world so that you may keep it close to your heart and become more enlightened.  At times I will directly dictate to you, at other times it will seem like you are doing nothing more than reading a story.  This is natural and shows you are truly receptive to the Wisdom contained within.  I shall begin now.

It’s been 10 years since the introduction of Resonance technology.  Sigh.  “Resonance”.  What a terribly inept word to describe the ability to travel to anywhere in the known and unknown universe.  The scientists and politicians said that the general populace would never accept ‘harmonious’ as a descriptor because of religious overtones.  They failed to see that religion has nothing to do with it but the term has everything to do with being attuned and in ‘harmony’ with the universe.  This is why the 1 Year War started.  The state of being in harmony with the universe was removed and left with a cold, mechanical, scientific description of the process.  Which of course lead to ‘we have something THEY don’t’ and this technology (their term, not mine) was used against all enemies they could think of.  This was the beginning of our darkest hour, and our greatest enlightenment.

See, the knowledge of how to be in tune and in harmony with the universe does not simply flow in one direction.  So when the US used this technology to transport a bomb and strike at North Korea, the result was devastating.  Oh I don’t mean for North Korea, they certainly were the recipient of an attack that wiped out Pyongyang in the blink of an eye.  The crater still exists today as a reminder of the abuse of power that humanity had done.  See, this knowledge has connectivity built in.  When North Korea threatened the US with ‘miserable destruction’ in 2013, they were never talking abut Nuclear war, despite what the mass media reported.  They weren’t even talking abut a covert EMP attack, that many of the lesser voices spoke about.  They already knew about the Resonance Technology.  So when the US hit Pyongyang in what they felt would be a crippling show of power, North Korea struck back and wiped out Washington DC with the exact same knowledge.  Thus began the 1 Year War.

The world stood still for abut one week after these attacks that occurred withing 24 hours of each other.  9-11 was a minor itch compared to this 100% body covered 4th degree burn result.  The world has lost nearly 9 million people in the space of one day.  This knowledge is tied directly into consequences but this did not become a conscious thought till the end of the war.  People only talked about rage, revenge, loss, grief, surprise.  They talked abut everything but peace.  “Eye for an Eye” became the motto of the 1 Year War.  it is absolutely stunning that they missed how relevant that truly was.

The US then struck back first and on the day that they sent their military into North Korea, China also responded.  So did South Korea.  The Korean Peninsula had become another battle zone with North Korea being at the centre of the exchange.  This war levelled mountains and millions more died.  The destruction was beyond comprehension.  North Korea simply ceased to be a country.  The world, specifically the Korean Peninsula, was so damaged that South Korea is now an Island and was renamed to Korea.  Reunification finally happened but from the Korean Peninsula population of nearly 75,000,000 people, the Island of Korea only housed 15,000,000.  Yes, sixty million people died in one year.  The death rate chart looks like the shape of an obelisk.  There is next to no incline.  Both sides simply raged against each other in order to try to get one up on the other with the US casualty being on par with the Korean numbers.  It took the death of 120,000,000 people for the world to realize that there was a direct and literal connection the knowledge they used.

The Island of Korea is now the grand capital of the world.  A token apology for them being the centre of the 1 Year War.  The World Government is run from Neo-Seoul and peace has been reached across the globe. The population of Korea is recovering and is now up to 20 million but it will never reach 75 million for a very long time.

Fast forward 10 years and you would not recognize the world anymore, not because wars, those have been nearly eliminated but because of harmony.  There are still some states that remain stubborn to joining the World Government but it is predicted that total consent will be achieved within 2 years.

Captain Alexshi looked at the virtual display before him.  The symbols and paths, along with the colours and sounds, all helped him form an image in his mind of his destination.  The Andromeda Solar System first came to mind, slowly that focused down to Demora, the 4th planet in the system.  From there his mind was drawn to the southern hemisphere and the single continent that dominated that part of the world.  As the land came into view, a mental surge was felt as he accelerated his vision to the landing site.  He could picture it clearly in his mind.  His virtual display glowed fiercely in response to mental cohesive harmony between his departure location of Neo-Daejeon on Earth and the landing site of Occ on Demora.

Ap-Daejeon is now a suburb of what was formerly Daejeon.  The capital, Neo-Seoul was moved to Daejeon after the terrible destruction that it suffered from the war and Daejeon was deemed perfect for being the centre of the new island of Korea.  The building of the new capital happened very quickly.  People wanted to really forget the past and move onto the next chapter of the world.  Despite the wanting to forget, it was always in their minds.  Now that Harmony has been achieved in our point in evolution, this included strong memories of the past.  Humankind would never again forget how and why they are today.

The air became electrified and a faint smell of ozone could be detected by Alexshi.  The hairs on his arms responded slightly by partially stiffening up as the world blurred away.  The port of Ap-Daejeon faded away and smoothly translated into the port of Occ.  Alexshi always loved the feeling right after a landing.  He was energized as if he had a super-infusion of minerals and vitamins while just finishing a good workout or eating a significant amount of perfectly booked beef.  Yes, it was good to be Captain.  Despite there being a visual blurring of reality, his mind became crystal clear and the journey always reaffirmed his purpose that he has chosen.

Despite being 1.5 million light years from Earth, the scene before him was a common and comfortable as his own home.  The inhabitants of Andromeda were not so different as you might think.  This showed very much so in their building structures.  Granted, they integrated better into their environments with curved buildings and intermingled with the local forestry, one would almost think that the buildings themselves were grown so natural did they sit there.

Captain Alexshi look down at his virtual display and all the symbols lined with with those on Occ.  A perfectly harmonious translation from earth.  As if it could be any other way.  Looking outside, with the noted exception of the area outside of the port, you would never now you had left.  Using Harmony was surprisingly easy and more natural than people realized.  The port was an exact replica of Ap-Daejeon.  This is what makes Harmony work, being an exact representation of another location.  By tuning into both of these spots, you can move from one to another by merely visualizing it.  This goes beyond merely seeing it in your mind.  You had to literally feel the place.  Despite the visual and physical similarities, the vibrations of a place are different.  This is a critical factor.  Physically the places had to be exact which leaves the Captain the job of harmonizing his own vibrations with that of where he is going and the translation is made.

This gets more complicated if you are taking more than just yourself somewhere.  The very best skilled Captains have the largest vessels and Captain Alexshi was an extremely competent Captain.