Dream Maker

Story Idea:

  • main character is being forced into dreams, not his own
  • drawn in by someone else
  • mystery to understand why

Alien species concept

A couple of odd details I came up with many, many years ago:

Biological details:

  • minimal intake of matter
  • their only ‘excrement’ is sweat
  • use light as ‘energy’
  • perhaps DNA spliced with plants


I feel the Darkness about me
I live in it absolutely
Again someone must fall
Through the night I must crawl
I feel tormented
That I must be contented

Here he comes, without a thought
He may be the next victim this curse has wrought
But he lives, day and night!
I cannot take away that right!
He has a life
Probably a wife

Conscious no more,
of my actions am I
Driven by a primal urge,
that man must die!
Blood is spilled,
a life undone
What cannot be stopped
has only just begun

The horror, the shame
In desperation, I howl in vain
But wait, softly approaches Dawn
The night is done, and I but a pawn
Quickly to rest, forget my sins
For tomorrow brings another night
and the cycle again begins

Sidney Alexander