I feel the Darkness about me
I live in it absolutely
Again someone must fall
Through the night I must crawl
I feel tormented
That I must be contented

Here he comes, without a thought
He may be the next victim this curse has wrought
But he lives, day and night!
I cannot take away that right!
He has a life
Probably a wife

Conscious no more,
of my actions am I
Driven by a primal urge,
that man must die!
Blood is spilled,
a life undone
What cannot be stopped
has only just begun

The horror, the shame
In desperation, I howl in vain
But wait, softly approaches Dawn
The night is done, and I but a pawn
Quickly to rest, forget my sins
For tomorrow brings another night
and the cycle again begins

Sidney Alexander

The Urge

The Urge
a primal calling

The Hunt
to stalk a prey

The Chase
to run after your quarry

The Scent
to smell the fear

The Kill
the blood is let loose from its mortal shell

The Death
stillness settles in the night

Sidney Alexander