My Virtual Girlfriend

How many of you ever considered how connections/relations are made, changed and broken in our modern world and the age of the Internet.  I hope to express some of those ideas with this poem.  Having read many stories about such things, I felt it was time for such a writing.

My Virtual Girlfriend

We met by chance
Or perhaps it was fate?
There was no such thing as a date.

Innocent were the words that started
Any guy would give a happy twirl
To talk to a pretty girl.

From nothing it started
Words of fun and play were wrote
Even in this digital world you can emote.

A sudden impulse was felt
Then the bandwidth grew
A picture was sent of you.

Stunned by the image
Something new took place
A mind was blown as the heart did race.

Thoughts were exchanged
An increase in tension was felt
The barriers of awkwardness began to melt.

A new stage has begun
Daring statements were made
Equally bold replies spoken never to fade.

A leap in trust was achieved
Now imagery was unbound
New energy was found.

A change in the digital vibe
Suddenly the future was in mind
Plans were made in the more traditional kind.

New ground has been met
The virtual world was forming real
From casual words to energetic zeal.

A dark cloud soon arose
The surety of faith and soul
Was let down by fear of a dark hole.

Electrons froze
The etheric networks became still
What once was passion was now a nil.

Separation of bodies
Meaningless online
But not the virtual divide.

What once started slowly
Counted in bits and bytes
Ended in a crash of electrolytes.

There are no sensations now
In this virtual world
That is how I feel about that virtual girl.

What to make of this all?
The story is not yet done
The tale not yet spun.

Stuck in the endless loop
Life has ways of such things
Repeat is inevitable for us in the Samsara Rings.


The Dragon

I am the Dragon

I am a primal force

The controller of the life energies

That flow across the world

I am beyond comprehension

I represent the wisdom of ages past

I represent things to come

Sidney Alexander


I feel the Darkness about me
I live in it absolutely
Again someone must fall
Through the night I must crawl
I feel tormented
That I must be contented

Here he comes, without a thought
He may be the next victim this curse has wrought
But he lives, day and night!
I cannot take away that right!
He has a life
Probably a wife

Conscious no more,
of my actions am I
Driven by a primal urge,
that man must die!
Blood is spilled,
a life undone
What cannot be stopped
has only just begun

The horror, the shame
In desperation, I howl in vain
But wait, softly approaches Dawn
The night is done, and I but a pawn
Quickly to rest, forget my sins
For tomorrow brings another night
and the cycle again begins

Sidney Alexander