Alien species concept

A couple of odd details I came up with many, many years ago:

Biological details:

  • minimal intake of matter
  • their only ‘excrement’ is sweat
  • use light as ‘energy’
  • perhaps DNA spliced with plants

Alien Documentary of earth

Long after Earth has past its liveablility and humanity is a myth, Aliens have ben able to reconstruct a documentary on some of the past lifeforms that existed.

Read in a Morgan Freeman voice for added effect.

“Cranes.  These majestic tall metal structures once lived in the most densly populates areas of humankind.  They had a short lifespan of about a year.  They raise stone-like cocoons around themselves for their offspring, a sub-species of humans called sitee-dwellers, to live in.  In return, their offspring would cannibalize their parents, go out and reproduce their parents who then build more coccoons and perpetuate their existence.  Truely proof of the circle of life.”

Learning English on another planet

Another strange idea that popped into my head….what it will be like for Aliens to learn our language.



Alien 1: so I had my first Englishee lesson today

Alien 2: how was it

Alien 1: it was tough.  Englishee is a severely complicated tongue.

Alien 2: so I have heard.  What did you learn

Alien 1: we learned a traditional greeting

Alien 2: oh what does it sound like

Alien 1: it sounds like this.  Eh how you doin

Alien 2: are you sure that’s right?   It sounds…..weird.

Alien 1: the guy said he was highly qualified and that a Korean had taught him and that the Korean learned from something called a Merican or somesuch.  Sounds like a good pedigree to me so I hired him.

Alien 2: oooh that does sound good.  I am jealous.

Alien 1: We also learned some objects.  I remember hearing orawngee.

Alien 2: what is orawngee?

Alien 1: I don’t remember.  I think its a colour of one of their letters in the alphabet.

Alien 2: Huh.  That’s weird.

Alien 1: you’re telling me.  They also said I need to learn on a set skedulee as well.

Alien 2: Is that some sort of chair?

Alien 1: what?  How did you get that?

Alien 2: well you said on.  So that means you have to be on something right?

Alien 1: Hmmmmm you have a point.  Englishee is strange.