Getting Home

Story idea, an after effect of an EMP pulse hitting South Korea.  who did it?  Aliens? North Korea? Terrorists?

Foreigner On a bus in South Korea, reading a book, surfing the Web when signal is lost.  Annoying but then everyone else loses their signal too.  annoyance turns to slight panic when people start mentioning north Korea attack.  Bus suddenly shuts down, luckily brakes aren’t electronic, unlucky drivers here suck, bus skids wildly, takes out a few cars before grinding too a halt along the cement divider.  People screaming, crying and generally loosing their minds.  We finally get off the bus and every other car is stopped or crashed as well.  We were 1hr out from Jinju and the weather looked like it was about to get worse than the mild dribble that was going on now

The lone foreigner does a quick look over to make sure everyone is ok.  Nothing serious, a few bumps and bruises but that’s all.  He gets his suitcase from the bus storage area and decides he might as well start walking.

He sees fires off in the distance as he walls along.  Occasional explosions.  Even heard jets in the distance.  Most of the stopped cars still have people in or about them.  None of then say anything to the waygook(foreign person) walking down the highway.

Story develops info a struggle of a man, finding his wife and getting back to his home country, 12,000 miles away and across lots of water.