Alien species concept

A couple of odd details I came up with many, many years ago:

Biological details:

  • minimal intake of matter
  • their only ‘excrement’ is sweat
  • use light as ‘energy’
  • perhaps DNA spliced with plants

Wedding photo ideas

Being the geek that I am, and having gone through all the wedding photo sessions that I have either watched or been part of, I was thinking that some of the more sci-fi bent people would like a more glamorous photo that portrays their beauty and matching up their meeting of a fellow kindred soul to bond with, on a cosmic scale.

Take pictures like these:

Oceans_wallpapers_360 sci-fi-planet Unicorn_fantasy

Add in a bride wearing a fancy, or even traditional wedding gown, that flows into the background.


I think it would be stunning!  If only my photoshop skills were up to par :)