Dream Maker

Story Idea:

  • main character is being forced into dreams, not his own
  • drawn in by someone else
  • mystery to understand why

Story idea, good/evil

Most movies usually take place in one time setting.  There will be something in the end of the movie that has some sort of effect on the future but it is left to our imagination.  What if a movie script/story was written  where it was broken up into  multiple sections which advanced the time line.  For simplicity’s sake, here is an example of a 2 hr movie idea.

Good vs Evil.

Part one, 30mins: 4 parts Evil but something at the end happens which foreshadows a change in the future(good)
Part two. 30mins, 100 years later: 3 parts Evil, 1 part good
Part three, 200 years later: 1 part Evil, 3 parts good
Part four, 500 years later: 4 parts good but something at the end happens which foreshadows a change in the future(evil)

In this scenario, Good/Evil are merely concepts that can be expressed in any given way.  My idea is to show what happens after a typical movie is done where it only hints at a future change.  Think of Mad Max.  What happened after the end of the movie?  How does the world change?   Does it get better or worse?  I would like to see a broader perspective shown in this concept.  Not like Star Wars where all of it happens in a relatively (Darth Vader’s life) short time span.

I don’t know of any other movie/story that has done anything like that.